Build Your Own Cloud

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  • Delivering Cloud Services: Five Essentials for Success

    You can meet the challenges of delivering cloud services successfully and profitably, if you have the right identity management capabilities. This paper outlines the five infrastructure essentials for successfully delivering cloud services to a rapidly growing customer base. You'll learn how these essentials can benefit both you, the cloud services provider, and your customer, the cloud services consumer – to your ultimate economic benefit. Plus, we'll outline why traditional identity management infrastructures fall short, and how a new approach is the key to building the essentials into your business.

  • Setting up an OpenNebula Cloud
    The OpenNebula cloud middleware system is one of the easiest private clouds in the sky. We'll show you how to get started.
  • Building a Well Managed Cloud Application
  • Building a Cloud-Ready, Future-Proof Infrastructure: Three Keys to Success

    Social networking and cloud computing have made the Internet an integral part of everyday life, and IT organizations at forward-looking companies everywhere are eager to find new ways to tap the full potential of these technologies. How can they use them to improve the customer experience? Simplify and reduce the cost of business operations? Accelerate application development? The possibilities are tremendous – but so are the challenges.

  • Securing Your Data In The Cloud: an insiders perspective

    As the increasing use of cloud computing and other technologies is changing the world of data management, keeping your data private and secure is an ongoing concern for everyone. Memset, a cloud computing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider gives an insider’s perspective on what you should be doing to keep your data safe.

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