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Commercialized High Performance Computing: Keys to determining the right cost/performance mix

High Performance Computing (HPC) brings to mind massively parallel systems that spare no expense. But today there is a very large HPC application space where computational performance must be balanced against cost to make a sound business case for real-world use. Advancements in processor and system technologies are advancing “business-optimized HPC” applications in areas like manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive. In addition, university research centers are also making use of these same technologies so their research is more adaptable to business application. 

Join us as experts from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) and Dell discuss processor and system optimizations for business-class HPC applications and how to apply these optimizations to your HPC application. This webinar will cover real-world scalable performance achieved by the NCSA with AMD-based Dell servers and the value achieved by upgrading from previous generation AMD Opteron™ processors. 

Armando Acosta – Senior Product Line Consultant, Dell 
Armando has been in the IT industry for 12 years holding various roles at Dell in sales, technical sales, training, sales management, and marketing. Armando has a BA from the University of Texas in History and a minor in Government. 
Evan Burness – Project Manager, Private Sector Program at National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Curt Schwaderer – Open Systems Media 

Maximizing performance with AMD’s Bulldozer Architecture

Reaching new levels of performance with the AMD Opteron™ 6200 Series processor technology on today’s applications requires an understanding of the underlying architecture and scalable system design. This webinar targets application developers and system administrators who want a deeper understanding of AMD architecture as it relates to HPC workloads. Our discussion will include what you should know; from the operating system, to tools and compilers, as well as software visible features only available on AMD technology. We’ll also describe how vSMP Foundation™ (vSMP) from ScaleMP creates larger memory SMPs from HP ProLiant systems, to scale beyond traditional server designs in a technical computing environment, as we present “Maximizing performance with AMD’s “Bulldozer” Architecture”
 Richard Meyer, Sr. Design Engineer - AMD
 Alanna Dwyer, HPC Marketing Manager- HP
 Benzi Galili, COO, EVP Sales- ScaleMP
 Joe Casad, Editor in Chief
 ADMIN Magazine