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Korea Meteorological Administration pairs a new Cray supercomputer with Altair’s PBS Professional workload manager

Korea Meteorological Administration employs Altair's PBS Professional workload manager to decrease energy costs of new supercomputer installation.

Cray helps developers of the Ray De Novo genomic assembler software tune their application

Ray is a highly parallel computer software developed at the Université Laval that performs de novo genome assemblies with next-generation DNA sequencing data.

Cray Helps Scale Up the UPSCALE Climate Project

UPSCALE, PRACE, and Cray work to redefine the boundaries on climate science.

AMD Hadoop Tuning Guide

Hadoop is a large and complex software framework involving a number of components interacting with each other across multiple hardware systems. Bottlenecks in a subset of the hardware systems within the cluster can cause overall poor performance of the underlying Hadoop workload. 

In this tuning guide, we attempt to provide the audience with a holistic approach of Hadoop performance tuning methodologies and best practices. Using these methodologies we have been able to achieve as much as 5.6X performance improvements. We discuss hardware as well as software tuning techniques including OS, JVM and Hadoop configuration parameters tuning.

Whitepaper: Accelerating and Simplifying Apache Hadoop with Panasas ActiveStor

Panasas ActiveStor running the PanFS filesystem is an ideal storage solution for customers with varied big data workloads.

AMD Introduces Industry’s Most Powerful Server Graphics Card

AMD FirePro S10000 is the World’s First Professional Graphics Card to Exceed One TeraFLOPS of Peak Double Precision Performance and Unparalleled Single Precision Performance.

AMD Delivers Massive Compute Performance for World’s Top Ranked Supercomputer

Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s “Titan” Supercomputer Enables Cutting-Edge Research for Vital Science and Technology Disciplines, Including Energy and Climate Change.

Swift Engineering Looks to Minimize Destabilizing Wake at High Speed with CFD

Formula racecar engineers study destabilizing wake that interferes with high-speed passing maneuvers.

SGI ICE 8400 with AMD Opteron™ Series Processors

The SGI ICE 8400 blade system helps minimize overhead and communication bottlenecks that can rob efficiency and scalability, especially for data-intensive workflows.

“Hopper” Helps Speed ID-ing of Extreme Weather Events

Scientists help automate the search for hurricanes in huge datasets