Happy SysAdmin Day!


Download a free gift to celebrate this special day with admins around the world: the 2015 edition of 10 Terrific Tools for the Busy Admin.

ADMIN magazine and Splunk have once again announced a special gift for system admins to commemorate this year's SysAdmin Day: the latest edition of the popular ADMIN special PDF series 10 Terrific Tools for the Busy Admin. This year's list includes an all-new lineup of special tools from the toolkit of Linux Magazine columnist Charly Kühnast, including tools for better diagnostics, security, remote communication, and network synchronization. A pair of bonus articles explore the pdsh parallel shell tool and Tshark, a convenient traffic analysis utility for moments when you need a fast answer and don't have time for a complicated GUI.

According to ADMIN magazine publisher Brian Osborn, “We see ourselves as facilitators of community, and our community is the system administrators around the world who build and manage the networks that keep everyone else productive. This is their special day, and we want to contribute to the celebration. We're excited to team up with Splunk for another free SysAdmin Day special edition.”

Download 10 Terrific Tools for the Busy Admin

Sorry, the requested Item isn't available for download anymore.

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