Happy SysAdmin Day


Download a free gift to celebrate SysAdmin Day, a special day dedicated to system administrators around the world. Splunk and Linux New Media are partnering once again to provide a free digital special edition for the tireless and dedicated professionals who keep the networks running: “5 Cool Security Tools for the Busy Admin.”

This year's lineup starts with a look at chkrootkit, a tool that helps you find evidence of a rootkit on your system. You'll also learn about Firejail, a handy app for isolating programs and processes to limit the damage an intruder can do. We'll show you TLS Interposer, which helps you upgrade the security of programs that use OpenSSL. You'll also discover Microsoft's EMET toolkit, and you'll learn about port knocking with knockd.

According to ADMIN publisher Brian Osborn, "Our modern world wouldn't work without system administrators, and IT professionals are the core of our readership, so we're very excited to provide this gift for the admins of the world."

Download 5 Cool Security Tools for the Busy Admin

Sorry, the requested Item isn't available for download anymore.

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