Happy Sysadmin Day!


Download the free special edition "10 Terrific Tools for Linux Admins" courtesy of ADMIN Magazine.

Linux New Media USA, in partnership with Splunk, is continuing its tradition of celebrating International Sysadmin Day with a free special-edition PDF for Linux system administrators. "Ten Terrific Tools for Linux Admins" highlights a collection of simple tools that save time and provide convenience for busy system administrators. Most of the entries fall within the simple Unix tradition of "simple tools that do one thing well." According to LNM USA CEO Brian Osborn "The ToDo list for the average sysadmin includes hundreds of small tasks. We can't cover everything, but if every Linux administrator finds one or two tools they want to incorporate into their own toolset, we will consider this special edition a big success."

Tools include unsung gems such as QPS, a top-like process monitor with lots of extras, w3af, a light and simple security scanner for cases where a larger tool is too much trouble, and Goosh, a Google search interface that operates from the Linux command shell. Download "10 Terrific Tools for Linux Admins" for more on the tools in the list. (See download information below.)

Download 10 More Terrific Tools for the Busy Admin

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