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What's New

Server virtualization with Citrix XenServer

04.08.2011 12:04 - Version 5.6 of Citrix XenServer is a feature-stripped version of the virtualization product and is available free, in addition to the commercial Ad... [more]

Virtual switching with Open vSwitch

28.07.2011 08:22 - Virtualization with Vmware, KVM, and Xen is here to stay. But up to now, no virtual switch has supported complex scenarios. Open vSwitch supports f... [more]

An IP-based load balancing solution

21.07.2011 08:47 - Red Hat's Piranha load balancing software is based on the Linux Virtual Server concept. We show you how to configure and test your setup. [more]

Container and hardware e-virtualization under one roof

17.10.2011 14:11 - The Proxmox distribution specializes in virtualization, letting you deploy and manage virtual servers with OpenVZ and KVM at the same time. [more]

A Real-World Look at Scaling to the Amazon Cloud

04.10.2011 09:00 - The Amazon cloud environment adapts easily to custom solutions. We'll show you how one company built their solution in the cloud. [more]

Setting up an OpenNebula Cloud

05.09.2011 19:26 - The OpenNebula cloud middleware system is one of the easiest private clouds in the sky. We'll show you how to get started. [more]

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2

14.07.2011 08:28 - In theory, virtualizing all your old servers is a good idea, but managing them won't necessarily become any easier. Virtual Machine Manager gives W... [more]


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