All the MySQL-as-a-Service Services I Can Find

If you need a hosted solution that provides all the features of MySQL, a MySQL-as-a-service product might be the database option you’re looking for.

Container and hardware e-virtualization under one roof

The Proxmox distribution specializes in virtualization, letting you deploy and manage virtual servers with OpenVZ and KVM at the same time. more ..

A Real-World Look at Scaling to the Amazon Cloud

The Amazon cloud environment adapts easily to custom solutions. We'll show you how one company built their solution in the cloud. more ..

Setting up an OpenNebula Cloud

The OpenNebula cloud middleware system is one of the easiest private clouds in the sky. We'll show you how to get started. more ..

Server virtualization with Citrix XenServer

Version 5.6 of Citrix XenServer is a feature-stripped version of the virtualization product and is available free, in addition to the commercial Advanced, Enterprise, and Platinum editions. more ..

Virtual switching with Open vSwitch

Virtualization with Vmware, KVM, and Xen is here to stay. But up to now, no virtual switch has supported complex scenarios. Open vSwitch supports flows, VLANS, trunking, and port aggregation just like major league switches. more ..

An IP-based load balancing solution

Red Hat's Piranha load balancing software is based on the Linux Virtual Server concept. We show you how to configure and test your setup. more ..

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2

In theory, virtualizing all your old servers is a good idea, but managing them won't necessarily become any easier. Virtual Machine Manager gives Windows administrators an easy option. more ..

Virtualization with KVM

KVM continues to gain popularity in the world of Linux – so much so, that it has become Red Hat and Ubuntu's preferred virtualization solution. In contrast to Xen, setting up KVM involves just a couple of steps, and the guest operating systems can run without special patches. more ..

Virtualization with Microsoft Hyper-V

In the face of competition from VMware, Microsoft has polished its own Hyper-V virtualization solution and firmly integrated it into Server 2008. more ..