New Kernel Report from the Linux Foundation


The new report "Who Writes Linux" informs about programmers and companies working on the Linux kernel.


The new report titled "Who Writes Linux?“ shows that the number of code commits to the Linux kernel has fallen. The document created by Jonathan Corbet (LWN), Greg Kroah-Hartman (Novell) and Amanda McPherson (Linux Foundation) records the highest number of code entries at the 2.6.30 version. The number of commits to the 2.6.35 kernel is 18% less.


Nevertheless, the kernel community has been extremely active since the Foundation's 2009 report, and have added 1.5 million lines of code since then. This means more than 15,000 changes per day, if you count new code, the deletion of old code and any changes made. Apart from the established companies such as Red Hat, Novell and IBM, there are more contributors from the mobile or embedded space such as Texas Instruments, Nokia and Samsung. A PDF of the study is available for download at the Publications page of the Linux Foundation.



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