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    Breakthrough in Diamond-Based Quantum Computing

    14.06.2017 22:30

    New technique could lead to mass production of quantum computers.

    DARPA Dives into Graph Analytics

    14.06.2017 22:05

    New processor could change the way big data is managed in the field.

    IBM Announces Powerful New Quantum Processors

    17.05.2017 22:12

    New systems will double the power of previous IBM quantum offerings.

    NVIDIA Will Train 100,000 Developers in Deep Learning Techniques

    17.05.2017 22:09

    Massive scale-up will increase enrollment by a factor of 10.

    HPC Server Sales Up 4.4% for 2016

    27.04.2017 11:50

    $11.2 billion in total revenue reveals the growing importance of the high-performance computing sector.

    OpenPOWER Foundation Announces Conference on Artificial Intelligence

    26.04.2017 22:24

    May 22-25 event will highlight deep learning and machine learning themes.

    LANL Models Supermassive Black Holes in the Early Universe

    22.03.2017 21:58

    Recent simulation points to an earlier arrival.

    Trump Budget Slashes Science Programs

    22.03.2017 20:48

    NIH and NOAA take a major hit, but NSF is unscathed so far.

    Watson Looks into Eyes

    23.02.2017 16:43

    IBM’s iconic supercomputer learns to identify early stages of glaucoma.

    Registration Opens for PEARC17

    23.02.2017 16:24

    New event replaces the popular XSEDE conference series.