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    HPC4Mfg Program Announces $3 Million in Funding for HPC Projects

    23.03.2016 21:50

    Department of Energy seeks proposals for projects that bring HPC services and expertise to US manufacturing.

    President's 2017 Budget Increases HPC Spending by 50%

    24.02.2016 22:39

    Future computing technologies will see a boost if NIST funding gets congressional approval.

    BeeGFS Parallel Filesystem Goes Open Source

    24.02.2016 22:07

    Project wants BeeGFS users to “understand exactly what is happening under the hood.”

    Allocation Proposals for Time on Blue Waters

    14.01.2016 16:56

    NSF seeks a new round of compelling science and engineering projects that require petascale computing resources.

    British Government Starts New HPC Design Center

    22.10.2015 22:28

    Center will work with UK businesses to provide modeling, simulation, and analytical services.

    Supercomputers Take Down Ecological Theory

    22.10.2015 21:36

    New research could change the way scientists think about geographic range for plant species.

    US Department of Energy Announces $10.5 Million Grant for Advanced Energy Research

    24.09.2015 14:07

    New initiative will bring synergies by integrating scientists, engineers, and applied mathematicians.

    IBM's Watson Project Unveils New Tools for Medical Research

    24.09.2015 13:10

    Care Manager and compliance cloud put Watson's cognitive capabilities up close and in the cloud. 

    Green500 Announces the World’s Most Efficient Supercomputers

    12.08.2015 22:20

    Japan's miserly Shobu system tops 7 gigaFLOPS per watt

    GE Launches Predix Cloud

    12.08.2015 22:19

    New service will bring Big Data to factories and other industrial systems