Lead Image © Buchachon Petthanya, 123RF.com

Lead Image © Buchachon Petthanya, 123RF.com

Symbolic mathematics with Python's SymPy library

Complex Math

Article from ADMIN 48/2018
The Python SymPy library for symbolic mathematics allows you to create complex mathematical expressions.

SymPy [1] is a computer algebra system written in the Python programming language. Among its many features are algorithms for computing derivatives, integrals, and limits; functions for manipulating and simplifying expressions; functions for symbolically solving equations and ordinary and partial differential equations; two- and three-dimensional (2D and 3D) plotting; and much more (e.g., see the SymPy features list [2] and Table 1 in a PeerJ Computer Science paper [3]).

Table 1

symbols Assignment

Expression Description
Comma-delimited arguments
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