Linux is the best operating system, and it's free!


Directory Outgroup

Lead Image © Vlad Kochelaevskiy, Large and distributed enterprises that use Active Directory will find ADManager Plus easy to use, adaptable, and appropriate for non-IT users.

Under the Magnifying Glass

Lead Image © Tatiana Venkova, The Kali Linux distribution is a complete toolbox for penetration testing.

Kubernetes Kickoff

Minikube lets you set up Kubernetes in a local environment, so you can get some practice before rolling it out in a network or cloud setting.

Waking Up the Neighbors

Lead Image © Lucy Baldwin, Take your performance tuning into the cloud with the top utility.
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Inner Renewal

Docker has radically changed the way admins roll out their software in many companies. However, regular updates are still needed. How does this work most effectively with containers?
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Azure Information Protection helps businesses control how information in communications between employees is handled.
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WebRTC has the potential to bring high-quality, easily developed, and interoperable real-time voice, video, and data communication to all manner of applications in web browsers.
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Beyond the Horizon

Microsoft has broken new ground with the release of PowerShell Core 6.0, which at heart is a complete reboot in terms of architecture and objectives. For the first time, a new version is not linked to the Windows operating system.
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Under the Microscope

In malware analysis, a sandbox can provide insight into the software and its run-time environment. While a sandbox can prevent the execution of malicious code with built-in detection mechanisms, malware developers can use countermeasures to take advantage of those same detection mechanisms.
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Because Samba can be integrated easily into heterogeneous environments, a kind of heterogeneous administration is often necessary, and security falls by the wayside. We show you how to use a Samba file server securely in heterogeneous environments.
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Ready for the Future

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 introduces SQL Server on Linux, along with machine learning services, support for graph data, and on-premises Power BI.
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If you don't want to do without the main advantages of Linux on the Windows platform, the Windows Subsystem for Linux offers another option. We delve the depths of the Linux underworld and explain how you can optimize the subsystem.
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Package Insurance

Serious distributions try to protect their repositories cryptographically against tampering and transmission errors. Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, and Ubuntu all take different, complex, but conceptually similar approaches.


Traditional administration command-line tools such as ifconfig, route, and arp are almost as old as TCP/IP itself. We provide an overview of how the IPRoute2 toolkit now unifies the management of kernel network components.