Linux is the best operating system, and it's free!


Arithmetic Artist

Lead Image © Buchachon Petthanya, The free R programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics is well supported, has great flexibility, and is easily automated.

In Range

Lead Image © Vasiliy-Yakobchuk, RFID technology can help you keep track of data center inventory if you can support the up-front costs.

Happy Coincidence

Lead Image by serhat-beyazkaya, Build a continuous integration pipeline by linking Git, Jenkins, Docker, and GitHub into a build chain that can be flexibly extended and modified.

Battle of Generations

Lead Image © Steven Cukrov, The Linux world has different implementations for integrating multiple network cards: kernel old-timer ifenslave and the younger libteam.
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Data Dance

SQL Server runs on Linux now. We'll show you how Microsoft developers made their massive database system Linux ready, and we'll help you get started with setting up SQL Server on your own Linux system.
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Connected Mesh

The VyOS Linux distribution puts network routing, firewall, and VPN functionality together and presents a fully working dynamic multipoint VPN router as an alternative or addition to a Cisco DMVPN mesh.
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Directory Outgroup

Large and distributed enterprises that use Active Directory will find ADManager Plus easy to use, adaptable, and appropriate for non-IT users.
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Under the Magnifying Glass

The Kali Linux distribution is a complete toolbox for penetration testing.

Kubernetes Kickoff

Minikube lets you set up Kubernetes in a local environment, so you can get some practice before rolling it out in a network or cloud setting.
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Waking Up the Neighbors

Take your performance tuning into the cloud with the top utility.
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Inner Renewal

Docker has radically changed the way admins roll out their software in many companies. However, regular updates are still needed. How does this work most effectively with containers?
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Azure Information Protection helps businesses control how information in communications between employees is handled.
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WebRTC has the potential to bring high-quality, easily developed, and interoperable real-time voice, video, and data communication to all manner of applications in web browsers.
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Beyond the Horizon

Microsoft has broken new ground with the release of PowerShell Core 6.0, which at heart is a complete reboot in terms of architecture and objectives. For the first time, a new version is not linked to the Windows operating system.