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Issue# 2017 / 38

In this issue, Pairing .NET Core for RHEL with their developer program lets you develop and port .NET applications under Linux

Issue# 2017 / 37

In this issue, collect website statistics and exchange files in the cloud, all with an eye on security.


Lead Image Craig Whitehead on Unsplash If you don't want to do without the main advantages of Linux on the Windows platform, the Windows Subsystem for Linux offers another option. We delve the depths of the Linux underworld and explain how you can optimize the subsystem.

Package Insurance

Lead Image © Igor Stevanovic, Serious distributions try to protect their repositories cryptographically against tampering and transmission errors. Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, and Ubuntu all take different, complex, but conceptually similar approaches.


Traditional administration command-line tools such as ifconfig, route, and arp are almost as old as TCP/IP itself. We provide an overview of how the IPRoute2 toolkit now unifies the management of kernel network components.


Tracing Clues: Memory Analysis

In computer forensics, memory analysis is becoming increasingly important as a means for investigating security incidents. In this article, we provide an overview of the various memory dumping options on Linux and introduce the support in Linux for the Volatility Analysis Framework.



Fstransform converts a filesystem without formatting the media or deleting any files.


Linux for Windows Admins: Doing the Samba Shuffle

Interoperability between *nix and Windows is always a problem for Windows Admins, but it doesn’t have to be. With a small effort, the two can comfortably share and share alike.


Linux Essentials for Windows Admins – Basics

Windows Admins have to know something about Linux, so expand your current skills to include it in your administrative toolbox.


Mobile PC Monitor: A Sys Admin’s Best Friend

Monitoring your internal server environment just became easier with MMSOFT Design’s Mobile PC Monitor software.


Win-Win with Cygwin

Windows administrators: Expand your horizons and your opportunities with Unix commands via Cygwin. Use Cygwin’s extensive list of Unix utilities for scripts, maintenance, compatibility, and automation.


SmartOS Weds Open Solaris to Linux KVM Virtualization

Joyent releases the SmartOS operating system, that brings together Open Solaris and Linux KVM.


SmartOS Weds Open Solaris to Linux KVM Virtualization

Joyent releases the SmartOS operating system, that brings together Open Solaris and Linux KVM.


DRBD Management Console Can Now Handle LVM Volumes

With the latest release of the DRBD management console administrators can manage logical volumes, too.


CentOS 6.0 Available as a Live CD

The free clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux has released a Live CD distribution.


Oracle Monopolizes Linux Ksplice

Now that Oracle has acquired Ksplice, the vendor wants to confine support to the users of their own Unbreakable Linux kernel.