AMD Announces New Graphics Cards

The FirePro W9100 and Radeon 295X2 deliver next-generation compute power for 4K graphics environments.

AMD continues its innovation in graphics card technologies, with announcements about a pair of new graphics card for next-generation environments. The FirePro W9100 professional graphics is intended for "4K workstations accelerated by OpenCL." The card comes with "2.62 TFLOPS double-precision of industry leading GPU compute power and ulta-high resolution (4K) multi-display capabilities..."
The company also announced the water-cooled Radeon R9 295X2, which they call "the world's fastest, period." AMD says the R9 295X2 can deliver 11.5 TFLOPS.
The implications for the HPC industry are unclear at this writing. As of now, AMD is targeting the FirePro W9100 for professional workstations and the Radeon 295X2 for gamers, but the affinity of the FirePro W9100 for OpenCL could one day lead to applications with high-performance clusters. The 11.5 TFLOPS computing power of the Radeon is bound to attract attention with the HPC community, but the $1499 per card price point might not lend itself to the commodity pricing of massive HPC installations.