HPC News

NSF Group Releases a Report on Ensuring Technological Competitiveness

06.11.2023 17:33

The guidelines will direct further research into key tech topics

Biden Announces Sweeping AI Reforms

06.11.2023 16:30

New initiative seeks to protect privacy and ensure accuracy in artificial intelligence.

The OpenHPC Project Releases OpenHPC 3.0

06.10.2023 22:41

New release comes with compiler improvements and better support for distributed software

EuroHPC Announces New Funding to Prepare for Exascale

06.10.2023 22:09

Winners will create new applications or speed up existing applications to exascale levels

Submissions Are Open for ISC 2024

12.09.2023 19:23

Europe’s leading HPC conference will take place on May 12-16 in Hamburg

RIKEN Brings AI to Quantum Error Correction

12.09.2023 18:49

New research could make quantum computers more efficient

SC23 Announces New Program for Supporting Underrepresented Research Teams

11.08.2023 18:53

24 recipients will win booth space for this year’s conference and a chance to discuss ongoing work in HPC

SDSC Develops Deep Learning Model to Detect Wildfires

11.08.2023 18:24

New technique could result in earlier warning for impending danger

Future Autonomous Machines Could Think Like Honey Bees

17.07.2023 21:17

Recent research explores how bees make such accurate decisions with so few neurons.

US Department of Energy Offers Undergraduate Internships for Spring 2024

17.07.2023 20:53

Recipients will work directly with scientists and engineers in 17 participating DOE labs.