HPC News

Maxwell’s Demon Joins the Quantum Revolution

12.12.2022 18:43

Scientists at University of New South Wales Sydney put a new spin on a classic thought experiment

2023 Energy in HPC Call for Abstracts

12.12.2022 17:27

Submission deadline for the annual conference on HPC in the energy industry is January 20.

Germany’s DLR Commissions 100-Qubit Quantum Computer Based on Trapped Ion Technology

03.11.2022 21:47

The project will be the largest of its kind in Europe with a budget of 67million Euros

Princeton Scientists Discover Room Temperature Quantum State

03.11.2022 16:01

New technique could lead to more efficient quantum electronics

Battery Data Genome Will Serve as a Universal Source for Battery Research

11.10.2022 15:07

Ambitious new project imagines a central data repository for more efficient battery design.

NSF Launches Initiative to Support Open Source Ecosystems

11.10.2022 14:10

POSE program will catalyze new open source projects for developers with shared scientific interests.

Altair Releases a Version of Radioss as Open Source

12.09.2022 15:09

The new OpenRadioss project will offer advanced dynamic finite element modeling without the cost of commercial licensing.

Quantum AI Gets Easier

12.09.2022 13:11

Los Alamos researchers prove that training a quantum neural network will require less data than originally assumed.

Logical Qubits Outperform Physical Qubits

08.08.2022 20:00

Quantinuum Approaches Break-Even on quantum error correction

Simulating Quantum Systems with “Ghost Electrons”

08.08.2022 19:33

New technique could lead to more accurate modeling of quantum computers