HPC News

HP Announces – But Doesn’t Release – New Cloud Services

11.11.2011 09:50

Select beta testers get to take the new cloud services for a spin, but most details remain under wraps.

XSEDE Project Up and Running

11.11.2011 09:50

The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) replaces the TeraGrid project as a source for HPC services within the scientific community.

Canonical Showcases Linux New Media Pubs

11.11.2011 09:50

Canonical announces an innovative agreement to provide digital editions of ADMIN, Linux Magazine, and Ubuntu User through the Ubuntu Software Center. 

Linux Foundation Sounds Off on UEFI

11.11.2011 09:49

Will UEFI secure boot lock a whole generation of computers out of Linux? Recent guidelines from the Linux Foundation will help to ensure that system admins and computer users will still have the power to change the operating system.