Updates and Upgrades in HPC

What is the difference between an update and an upgrade? We’ll look at why, once an HPC distribution is installed, you are likely to see one or two minor release updates, but rarely an upgrade.

Warewulf 4 – Python and Jupyter Notebooks

Interactive HPC applications written in languages such as Python play a very important part today in high-performance computing. We look at how to run Python and Jupyter notebooks on a Warewulf 4 cluster.

Warewulf 4 – Environment Modules

Environment Modules are an indispensable tool for high-performance computing that allow you to switch between and among versions of compilers, libraries, and applications.

Warewulf 4 – GPUs

Install NVIDIA GPU drivers on the head and compute nodes.

Warewulf 4 – Time and Resource Management

Warewulf installed with a compute node is not really an HPC cluster; you need to ensure precise time keeping and add a resource manager.

Warewulf 4

Warewulf 4 is ready to help you build an HPC cluster.

Analyzing Logs

Log analysis can be used to great effect in HPC systems. We present an overview of the current log analysis technologies.

Log Management

One of the more mundane, perhaps boring, but necessary administration tasks is checking system logs – the source of knowledge or intelligence of what is happening in the cluster.

Parallel I/O Chases Amdahl Away

Scalability abhors serial computation, but parallel I/O can defeat those limitations.

Rocky Reaches for a Role in HPC

Can this enterprise Linux fill the void left by CentOS?