HPC News

AlmaLinux Launches HPC and AI Special Interest Group

06.05.2024 12:43

New group will support HPC users working on AlmaLinux and will represent the needs of the HPC community to the AlmaLinux development team.

US Announces New Reports on Energy and AI

05.05.2024 19:43

Latest steps will help to define the role of artificial intelligence in the green energy movement.

San Diego Supercomputer Maps Bird Evolution

05.04.2024 19:56

Extensive DNA analysis for 363 species leads to a more accurate family tree

Linux Foundation Launches Valkey

05.04.2024 19:22

New project will serve as a free alternative to the Redis in-memory NoSQL data store

DOE Announces Graduate Research Grants

01.03.2024 21:33

Applications are open until May 1 for the next round of the SCGSR funding.

Scientists Explore the Possibilities of Human-AI Coworking

01.03.2024 21:12

A human and AI together could be more accurate than either one acting separately.

New Study Reveals Mechanism for Making Fuel from Carbon Dioxide

05.02.2024 18:37

Research points the way to reducing carbon waste from fossil fuels

Scientists Report a Major Advance in the Quest for Room-Temperature Supercomputing

05.02.2024 17:55

New technique using pyrolytic graphite could lead to more efficient quantum computing

Researchers Entangle Qubits with Magnets

08.01.2024 18:32

Technique allows for more spacious quantum computers

European HPC Joint Undertaking Seeks Hosts for Quantum Computing Sites

05.01.2024 20:57

Recipients will receive funding of up to 50% for quantum computers