Where Does Job Output Go?

Where does your job data go? The answer is fairly straightforward, but I add some color by throwing in a little high-level background about what resource managers are doing and evolve the question to include a discussion of where data “should” or “could” go.

Getting Data Into and Out of the Cluster

A basic question when getting into HPC is how to get data into and out of the cluster from local Linux and Windows machines.

(Re)Installing Python

I went to a summer camp for people whose Python environments went pear-shaped. Here is my class report.

Saving Storage Space with Reduced Precision

Most of the time people turn to data compression to save storage space, but reducing precision can be a useful technique.

Updates and Upgrades in HPC

What is the difference between an update and an upgrade? We’ll look at why, once an HPC distribution is installed, you are likely to see one or two minor release updates, but rarely an upgrade.

Warewulf 4 – Python and Jupyter Notebooks

Interactive HPC applications written in languages such as Python play a very important part today in high-performance computing. We look at how to run Python and Jupyter notebooks on a Warewulf 4 cluster.

Warewulf 4 – Environment Modules

Environment Modules are an indispensable tool for high-performance computing that allow you to switch between and among versions of compilers, libraries, and applications.

Warewulf 4 – GPUs

Install NVIDIA GPU drivers on the head and compute nodes.

Warewulf 4 – Time and Resource Management

Warewulf installed with a compute node is not really an HPC cluster; you need to ensure precise time keeping and add a resource manager.

Warewulf 4

Warewulf 4 is ready to help you build an HPC cluster.