Sharing Linux Terminals

Sometimes sharing a screen between two users is enormously helpful. We look at two terminal sharing tools: screen and tmux.

Performance Health Check

Many HPC systems check the state of a node before running an application, but not very many check that the performance of the node is acceptable before running the job.

Distributed Linear Algebra with Mahout

The Apache Mahout distributed linear algebra framework delivers new tools and methods for performing data analysis, building machine learning data pipelines, and implementing machine learning models in production.

Extended File Attributes

One way to store metadata is with the originating file in extended file attributes.

What Is an Inode?

Understanding inodes is key to a better understanding of HPC filesystems.

Working with the Lustre Filesystem

The Lustre open source distributed, parallel filesystem scales to high-performance computing environments.

What is an IOPS Really?

IOPS is mentioned quite often when benchmarking and testing storage systems, but what does it really mean? We discuss and explain what an IOPS is, and how to measure it.

Mounting Compressed Archives as a User

Why splat a compressed archive in your storage when you can just mount it like a storage device?

Parallel and Encrypted Compression

You have the cores, so use them – to compress, that is.

File Compression for HPC

One of the most underutilized capabilities in Linux and HPC is compressing unused data files.