Mounting Compressed Archives as a User

Why splat a compressed archive in your storage when you can just mount it like a storage device?

Parallel and Encrypted Compression

You have the cores, so use them – to compress, that is.

File Compression for HPC

One of the most underutilized capabilities in Linux and HPC is compressing unused data files.

Processor Affinity for OpenMP and MPI

Processor affinity with serial, OpenMP, and MPI applications.

Processor and Memory Affinity Tools

Get better performance from your nodes by binding processes and associating memory to specific cores.

Darshan I/O Analysis for Deep Learning Frameworks

I/O Characterization of TensorFlow with Darshan

Prolog and Epilog Scripts

HPC systems can benefit from administrator-defined prolog and epilog scripts.

Run One Program at any Scale with Legate

Run Python NumPy code on distributed heterogeneous systems without changing a single line of code.

When I/O Workloads Don’t Perform

Isolating and diagnosing the root causes of your performance troubles.

Preload Trick

By using the LD_PRELOAD environment variable, you can improve performance without making changes to applications.