OpenMP – Coding Habits and GPUs

In this third and last article on OpenMP, we look at good OpenMP coding habits and present a short introduction to employing OpenMP with GPUs.

In the Loop

Diving deeper into OpenMP loop directives for parallel code.


The powerful OpenMP parallel do directive creates parallel code for your loops.

Porting Code to OpenACC

OpenACC directives can improve performance if you know how to find where parallel code will make the greatest difference.

OpenACC Directives for Data Movement

The OpenACC data directive and its associated clauses allow you to control the movement of data between the host CPU and the accelerator GPU.

Parallelizing Code – Loops

OpenACC is a great tool for parallelizing applications for a variety of processors. In this article, I look at one of the most powerful directives, loop.

TUIs, a Smoke-Jumping Admin’s Best Friend

Sys admins are like smokejumpers who parachute into fires, fighting them until they are out, or at least under control. When you jump into the fire, you only have the tools you brought with you.

Slurm Job Scheduling System

One way to share HPC systems among several users is to use a software tool called a resource manager. Slurm, probably the most common job scheduler in use today, is open source, scalable, and easy to install and customize.

An Introduction to SymPy

The Python SymPy library for symbolic mathematics allows you to create complex mathematical expressions.

Shared Storage with NFS and SSHFS

HPC systems require shared filesystems to function effectively. Two really good choices for both small and large systems are NFS and SSHFS.