Modern Fortran – Fortran 95 and 2003

Fortran 90 was only the start. The next two iterations – 95 and 2003 – pulled Fortran into a new era of programming languages.

Diving In

GlusterFS stores data across the network and can be used as a storage back end in cloud environments.

Modern Fortran: Fortran 90

Fortran comprises a huge body of software in high-performance computing. We look at Fortran’s evolution into a modern HPC language.

NVDIMM and the Linux Kernel

Non-volatile dual in-line memory modules will provide storage as fast as RAM and keep its content through a reboot. The Linux kernel is already geared to handle the new technology and can even serve the modules up as block devices.

Let the Editor Wars Begin!

Editors, particularly command-line editors, are an important tool for high-performance computing systems administrators. We point out some editor options with little to no bloodshed.

Fast Help

Quickassist technology offloads computationally intensive compression and encryption tasks to provide a performance boost for Intel processors.

Optimizing Your NFS Filesystem

NFS is probably the most widely used shared filesystem. You can turn many knobs to boost performance, ease management, and improve security.


Ceph Jewel

The Ceph object store remains a project in transition: The developers announced a new GUI, a new storage back end, and CephFS stability in the just released Ceph v10.2.x, Jewel.

A Container for HPC

Working with containers in high-performance computing can be difficult; a new container named Singularity comes to the rescue.

Interview with the Developer of Singularity

What does the developer of Singularity have to say?