Lmod – Alternative Environment Modules

Environment Modules are a key tool for any HPC system, or really any server system. It allows you to control applications and tools and improve user productivity. Lmod is a fairly new implementation of environment modules and provides some new, needed features.

An Interview with OpenMP Officers

We talked with Michael Wong, OpenMP CEO, and Matthijs van Waveren, Marketing Coordinator, about the status of the upcoming OpenMP version 4.0 specification and some of its features and enhancements, as well as how to participate in its development.

HPC in the Cloud with StarCluster

Cloud computing has become a viable option for high-performance computing. In this article, we discuss the use case for cloud-based HPC, introduce the StarCluster toolkit, and show how to build a custom machine image for compute nodes.

Matlab-Like Tools for HPC

The Matlab numerical computing environment is a good candidate for HPC systems applications, but a number of free and open source Matlab-like tools are available as well. These tools have a large number of built-in computational routines and are easily programmed.

Profiling Is the Key to Survival

Computing hardware is constantly changing, with new CPUs and accelerators, and the integration of both. How do you know which processors are right for your code?

Living with Multiple and Many Cores

As core counts increase in both CPUs and GPUs, the HPC lifestyle could become a bit more difficult.

Introduction to OpenMP

Parallel programming is not easy, but one tool you can use to help parallelize your application is OpenMP. Most compilers are compatible with OpenMP and allow you to parallelize your code on a single node.

Keeping It Straight: Environment Modules

The Modules package makes life easier in the HPC world (and beyond).

The RADOS object store and Ceph filesystem: Part 2

In this second article on scalable storage in cloud environments, we cover the inner workings of RADOS and how to avoid pitfalls.

Moving HPC to the Cloud

HPC has a unique set of requirements that might not fit into standard clouds. However, plenty of commercial options, including cloud-like services, provide the advantages of real HPC without the capital expense of buying hardware.