Exploring AMD’s Opteron 6200 Series Linux Tuning Guide

A tour through AMD’s Opteron 6200 Series Linux Tuning Guide provides a practical look at some important HPC startup tasks.

Parallel Julia: Part 2

The Julia language is a very powerful parallel computing model that works across multiple cores and cluster nodes.

Warewulf Cluster Manager – Part 2

Installing and configuring Warewulf on the master node and booting the compute nodes creates a basic cluster installation; however, a little more configuration to the master remains and a few other tools must be installed and configured for the Warewulf cluster to become truly useful for running HPC applications.

Julia: A New Language For Technical Computing

Can this new language deliver on bold claims of fast, easy, and parallel?

Warewulf Cluster Manager – Howlingly Great

The Warewulf stateless cluster tool is scalable and highly configurable, and it eases the installation, management, and monitoring of HPC clusters.

The Cluster Documentation Project

Leveraging the power of community to improve HPC documentation.

The RADOS Object Store and Ceph Filesystem

Scalable storage is a key component in cloud environments. RADOS and Ceph enter the field, promising to support seamlessly scalable storage.

Hardware or Cloudware?

Altair makes software for local high-performance computing systems and also provides HPC services through the cloud. We asked Bill Nitzberg, CTO of Altair’s PBS Works division, about the changing market and the relative benefits of cloud versus local HPC.

Five HPC Pitfalls – Part 2

In part 2, we look at three more pitfalls with insights on how to avoid some common mistakes.

Monitor Your Nodes with collectl

Effectively monitoring your cluster can be one of the keys to understanding how the hardware and software are interacting. In many cases, this means examining the performance of a single node.