Parallel I/O for HPC

In the last of three articles on HDF5, we explore performing parallel I/O with the use of HDF5 files.

How Old Is That Data?

The explosion of data is a storage burden that all system administrators bear. The agedu tool lets you discover what data is being used.

Simple HDF5 in Python and Fortran

Using the popular HDF5 I/O library with Python and Fortran.

Hierarchical Data Storage for HPC

HDF5 is a data model, library, and file format used primarily for scientific computing to store and manage data.

Modern Fortran for Today and Tomorrow

Fortran development is still progressing, with a new version scheduled to release in 2018. In this article, we look at Fortran 2008 and the upcoming Fortran 2015.

Modern Fortran – Fortran 95 and 2003

Fortran 90 was only the start. The next two iterations – 95 and 2003 – pulled Fortran into a new era of programming languages.

Diving In

GlusterFS stores data across the network and can be used as a storage back end in cloud environments.

Modern Fortran: Fortran 90

Fortran comprises a huge body of software in high-performance computing. We look at Fortran’s evolution into a modern HPC language.

NVDIMM and the Linux Kernel

Non-volatile dual in-line memory modules will provide storage as fast as RAM and keep its content through a reboot. The Linux kernel is already geared to handle the new technology and can even serve the modules up as block devices.

Let the Editor Wars Begin!

Editors, particularly command-line editors, are an important tool for high-performance computing systems administrators. We point out some editor options with little to no bloodshed.