HPC News

ISC Moving to Leipzig

12.07.2012 20:48

The International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) will convene in the city of Leipzig, Germany, next year for its 28th HPC forum.

Cray Plans “Free-Cooling” Supercomputer for NERSC

05.07.2012 17:25

New Cray energy-efficient supercomputer and next-generation storage system to be installed at NERSC.

AMD Announces a New Low-Power Embedded Processor

27.06.2012 20:37

Low-power Embedded G-T16R Processor takes on the industry's green challenge.

Sequoia Tops Top500 List

21.06.2012 18:46

Sequoia supercomputer rates the best on Top500 list in speed and energy efficiency

Peer 1 Launches HPC Self-Serve Cloud

14.06.2012 23:27

PEER 1 Hosting, the global IT hosting provider, announces the launch of HPC Self Serve Cloud, powered by the company’s Zunicore public cloud platform.

SDSC Deploys Superfast Data Oasis Filesystem

06.06.2012 20:34

Lustre-based parallel filesystem is available for any not-for-profit research.

YarcData Hosts Big Data Contest

06.06.2012 14:14

YarcData Inc. announces the launch of a “Big Data” contest, offering US$ 100,000 in prizes.

ISC Cloud’12 Registration Open

31.05.2012 19:31

ISC Cloud’12 conference to present leading experts’ experience and perspectives on reducing complexity of HPC and Big Data.

Oracle Updates VM Server

25.05.2012 22:41

Oracle rolls out a new version of their VM Server virtualization tool.

NVidia Announces New Kepler-Based GPUs

17.05.2012 16:37

NVidia's new Tesla GPUs surpass its predecessor, NVidia Fermi.