Peer 1 Launches HPC Self-Serve Cloud

PEER 1 Hosting, the global IT hosting provider, announces the launch of HPC Self Serve Cloud, powered by the company’s Zunicore public cloud platform.

According to the announcement, the HPC Self Serve Cloud delivers a flexible high-performance computing environment by fusing virtual and physical servers with a private network. The company says the result is a fast, seamless, and secure solution that is available on demand.

The announcement states that “Customers of the new HPC Self Serve Cloud can enjoy maximum performance of up to 665 teraflops deployed in as little as fifteen minutes.” The service is available on a per-hour or monthly basis, with no long-term contract. According to the announcement, the following features are key:

  • Ready to use in 15 minutes
  • Hourly billing* NVidia GPUs at full speed
  • Physical servers* Fully secured network
  • Seamless hybrid: Virtual machines + physical servers
  • Up to 50 servers
  • More than 665 Tflops

You can find more information at: