HPC News

NVidia Opens CUDA Compiler Code

27.12.2011 22:38

Source code for the NVidia CUDA LLVM-based compiler is available to qualified academic researchers and software tools developers.

XSEDE Conference Announced

27.12.2011 22:32

The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment conference of 2012 to be held in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

OpenACC Announced

15.12.2011 17:22

NVidia, Cray Inc., the Portland Group (PGI), and CAPS enterprise have partnered to develop a new parallel programming standard known as OpenACC.

AMD Fusion12 Call for Papers Now Open

15.12.2011 17:20

AMD announces the Fusion12 Developer Summit (AFDS) June 11-14, 2012.

Silicon Mechanics Announces Research Cluster Grant

13.12.2011 04:46

Silicon Mechanics announces research cluster grant.

Drizzle Database Supports ZeroMQ Messaging

11.11.2011 09:52

With its latest release the MySQL fork Drizzle supports messaging through the ZeroMQ broker.

SmartOS Weds Open Solaris to Linux KVM Virtualization

11.11.2011 09:52

Joyent releases the SmartOS operating system, that brings together Open Solaris and Linux KVM.

Amazon Cloud Accelerated with Memcache

11.11.2011 09:52

With a new offering Amazon seeks to accelerate websites in its cloud.

Power Budgeting in the Virtual Data Center

11.11.2011 09:51

The virtualization revolution was partly driven by a need to save on energy costs, but further improvements won't happen unless system vendors give up the old paradigms for power budgeting.

What Happens with WebOS?

11.11.2011 09:51

Just two months after it became available, HP announced in a press release it would discontinue its TouchPad tablets and smartphone devices that run webOS, the Linux-based operating system it inherited in the $1.2 billion purchase of Palm in April 2010. But what will happen to webOS, the smartphone OS that many still consider an alternative to Android and the iPhone?