HPC News

Oak Ridge Launches New Institute for Imaging

02.07.2014 12:39

Focus is on developing new high-tech materials for solar cells and superconductors. 

HP Announces New Supercomputers

18.06.2014 13:02

Will the Apollo 8000's innovative liquid cooling feature put HP in the ranks of supercomputing leaders like IBM and Cray?

US Plans $4.5 Billion for Brain Research

18.06.2014 12:57

Big initiative will rival the Human Genome Project in scope and funding.

New Zealand Supercomputer Hacked

04.06.2014 14:57

Attackers may have wanted access to surrounding network and remote connections.

Google Launches Quantum Computing Playground

03.06.2014 22:28

Geeks will play unsupervised in a simulated quantum wonderland.

Watson Goes to School

21.05.2014 15:01

Students gain access to IBM’s brainy computer to develop cognitive mobile apps.

Supercomputers Unravel the Starburst Puzzle

21.05.2014 14:22

French astrophysicists throw galaxies together and watch what happens.

Penguin Puts MATLAB in the Cloud

07.05.2014 14:25

Mathworks’ powerful numerical analysis toolkit gets a new home in the ether.

Red Hat Antes Up for Ceph

06.05.2014 22:31

Inktank purchase gives Red Hat a foothold in the HPC space – and adds to a growing portfolio of cloud products.

New Technique Speeds up Gene Expression Analysis

23.04.2014 13:42

Numerical analysis method delivers more accurate results in a fraction of the time required for previous methods.