HPC News

Los Alamos Double-Checks Wiring; Saves $2 Million

25.08.2016 13:38

A review team for the Trinity supercomputer finds savings with aluminum cable and other innovations

XSEDE Starts a New Era

25.08.2016 13:14

NSF announces details for new XSEDE 2.0 phase

Workshop on Workflows Announced

14.07.2016 12:12

Free training session for the HPC community will take place at 12 US locations

Last Call for SC16 Posters

13.07.2016 23:04

Conference extends the submission deadline to July 22

NCSA Sponsors Workflows Workshop

16.06.2016 15:31

Applications for hosting the video conference are due by June 30

New Service Will Adapt HPC Code for Next-Generation Hardware

15.06.2016 22:26

Software Modernization service helps customers port code to new systems

Quantum Computing Meets Wall Street

19.05.2016 22:05

New Quantum for Quants community will bring quantum computing tools, simulators, and other resources to problems of the financial industry.

Top500 and Green500 Lists Merge

19.05.2016 21:39

Famous HPC lists will share a single submission process.

Intel Will Lay Off 12,000 Employees

21.04.2016 13:16

Chip giant eliminates 11% of its workforce as it escapes the dwindling PC market

Former Intel CEO Andy Grove Dies

23.03.2016 22:31

Tech visionary was instrumental in developing the iconic x86 chip series.