HPC News

Topological Superconductor Could Lead to Quantum Computing with Weird Fermions

21.02.2018 23:17

Swedish team pioneers a new technique for managing majorana particles

Intel Announces Quantum Computing Advancement

21.02.2018 22:39

Spin qubit technology could lead to bigger and more cost efficient quantum systems

Argonne Announces Call for Papers for the Exascale Aurora System

23.01.2018 22:57

Winning projects will get started early with preparing to work at exascale on Aurora, which will be finished in 2021.

Jump Announces New Research Centers

23.01.2018 22:07

 The centers will address "fundamental physical problems" facing the next generation of high-end computer systems.

NCSA Fellow Develops New Deep Learning Tool

20.12.2017 23:28

The DeepContact tool uses neural network techniques to predict protein structures

BP Rolls Out the Worlds Most Powerful Commercial HPC System

20.12.2017 22:46

Energy giant will use the new 9PB supercomputer to search for oil

Gidel Announces Developer Tools for Intel HLS

16.11.2017 16:01

New toolkit supports C++ optimization for FPGAs.

D-Wave Unveils New Quantum Computing Capabilities

15.11.2017 22:55

Reverse annealing feature will provide a 150x speedup over current systems.

Crypto-Currency Mining Drives a Surge in GPU Sales

20.10.2017 18:19

Blockchain phenomenon spins some gold for hardware vendors

ISC 2018 Announces Call for Papers

18.10.2017 22:29

Submissions for the leading European HPC event are due by December 22.