HPC News

Exascale Project Names a New Leader

21.09.2017 13:09

Veteran Doug Kothe will oversee the US government’s push to reach the next level of HPC computing power.

DOE Announces HPC Initiative

20.09.2017 21:53

HPC4Mtls will promote the use of high-performance computing in the search for new materials.

Google Releases Machine Learning Library

24.08.2017 12:35

New deeplearn.js library runs in the browser and requires no programming.

NCSA Announces Industry Conference

23.08.2017 22:51

October 11-12 meetup in Urbana, IL, will focus on industry uses for HPC.

IBM and the US Air Force Collaborate on a Brain-Inspired Supercomputing System

12.07.2017 21:48

New project is based on TrueNorth neurosynaptic technology

Intel Unveils New Processor Line

12.07.2017 19:46

Xeon Scalable series offers better performance for networking, virtualization, and storage.

Breakthrough in Diamond-Based Quantum Computing

14.06.2017 22:30

New technique could lead to mass production of quantum computers.

DARPA Dives into Graph Analytics

14.06.2017 22:05

New processor could change the way big data is managed in the field.

IBM Announces Powerful New Quantum Processors

17.05.2017 22:12

New systems will double the power of previous IBM quantum offerings.

NVIDIA Will Train 100,000 Developers in Deep Learning Techniques

17.05.2017 22:09

Massive scale-up will increase enrollment by a factor of 10.