HPC News

XSEDE Project Receives Additional Funding

19.08.2020 19:29

Massive project will continue to support scientific computing and HPC research through August 2022.

New Technique Extends the Life of a Qubit

19.08.2020 18:33

University of Chicago prolongs the coherence state by a factor of 10,000

US Army Discovers Technique for Controlling Quantum Noise

09.07.2020 13:42

Breakthrough could lead to larger quantum computers and extend the range of quantum communication

UCF Announces the OpenSNAPI Project

09.07.2020 01:07

Industry and academia will collaborate to create an API for smart network adapters and IPUs

Do Neural Networks Need Sleep?

10.06.2020 20:35

Study prescribes sleep-like brain waves as a remedy for instability in neuromorphic simulations

ORNL Seeks Participants for 2020 Data Challenge

10.06.2020 19:53

Winners will present their findings at the August SMC2020 conference

ALICE Gets a Makeover

13.05.2020 22:19

US labs team up to upgrade instrumentation for CERN’s A Large Ion Collider Experiment (ALICE).

DARPA Tunes in to Quantum Computing

13.05.2020 21:48

The US military’s research agency unveils a new initiative to harness quantum techniques without waiting for the first operational quantum systems.

ISC 2020 Goes Virtual

15.04.2020 17:25

Coronavirus concerns cause cancellation of Europe’s largest HPC event in favor of a digital alternative.

COVID-19 HPC Consortium Seeks Resource Requests

15.04.2020 17:22

Group aims to provide HPC resources for researchers with worthy proposals for coronavirus study.