HPC News

US Army Discovers Technique for Controlling Quantum Noise

09.07.2020 13:42

Breakthrough could lead to larger quantum computers and extend the range of quantum communication

UCF Announces the OpenSNAPI Project

09.07.2020 01:07

Industry and academia will collaborate to create an API for smart network adapters and IPUs

Do Neural Networks Need Sleep?

10.06.2020 20:35

Study prescribes sleep-like brain waves as a remedy for instability in neuromorphic simulations

ORNL Seeks Participants for 2020 Data Challenge

10.06.2020 19:53

Winners will present their findings at the August SMC2020 conference

ALICE Gets a Makeover

13.05.2020 22:19

US labs team up to upgrade instrumentation for CERN’s A Large Ion Collider Experiment (ALICE).

DARPA Tunes in to Quantum Computing

13.05.2020 21:48

The US military’s research agency unveils a new initiative to harness quantum techniques without waiting for the first operational quantum systems.

ISC 2020 Goes Virtual

15.04.2020 17:25

Coronavirus concerns cause cancellation of Europe’s largest HPC event in favor of a digital alternative.

COVID-19 HPC Consortium Seeks Resource Requests

15.04.2020 17:22

Group aims to provide HPC resources for researchers with worthy proposals for coronavirus study.

SC20 Is Also On for Now

18.03.2020 22:05

The SC communications team issued an advisory and used the moment to highlight some of the ways HPC systems are assisting with coronavirus research.

US DOE Sponsors Quantum Internet Blueprint Workshop

19.02.2020 21:55

Researchers draw up plans for a nationwide qubit network