HPC News

Containing Nuclear Fusion

17.03.2021 20:59

ORNL’s Summit supercomputer models heat load for a safer fusion reactor

Robots Learn Faster with Quantum Computing

17.03.2021 19:29

Scientists at the University of Vienna exploit quantum weirdness for speedier AI

Strangeworks Launches Quantum Computing Initiatives

17.02.2021 20:41

Austin-based startup unveils its vision of a portal for quantum-based services and collaboration.

Japanese Supercomputer Simulates the Universe 4000 Ways

17.02.2021 19:24

Research could lead to a deeper understanding of cosmic inflation.

US Air Force Announces New Grants for Quantum Research

20.01.2021 22:46

US teams will collaborate with Korean counterparts.

Argonne Research Team Develops New Validation Method

20.01.2021 22:14

New protocol will provide more confidence in computer simulations

New Data Repository Will Support Pandemic Research

09.12.2020 15:18

The ORCHESTRA project will serve as a source for accessing global COVID-19 medical data

Center for Data Innovation Sounds Alarm for More US HPC Funding

09.12.2020 14:40

New report recommends additional US$10Billion to meet the demand for resources.

Intel Announces oneAPI Roadmap

11.11.2020 22:40

Chip giant takes a new step toward its vendor-neutral programming model for accelerated computing.

CERN Sponsors Free Lecture Series on Quantum Computing

11.11.2020 21:59

The course is aimed at computer scientists and will emphasize practical uses of quantum computing technology.