US DOE Announces $150 Million in Funding

Grants will support research for new clean energy approaches.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has announced US$150 million in funding for research projects on “increasing efficiency and curbing carbon emissions from energy technologies and manufacturing.” The funding will support research topics in chemical and materials research, including “new clean energy approaches that are inspired by energy-efficient biological processes, such as photosynthesis that harnesses sunlight to synthesize the molecules plants need for life.”

The funding will also support research that will underpin the DOE’s Energy Earthshots Initiative, “including the Hydrogen Shot, which aims to decrease the cost of producing hydrogen; the Long Duration Storage Shot, which seeks to reduce the cost and increase the duration of grid-scale energy storage; and the Carbon Negative Shot, which targets the decrease of costs to remove and durably store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.”

For more on the grant program, see the DOE press release, or visit the Funding Opportunities section of the DOE website.