Linux Foundation Announces NextArch

New foundation will focus on building developer tools for integrating new technologies such as AI and Internet of Things.

The Linux Foundation has announced the launch of the NextArch Foundation, which they describe as “...a neutral home for open source developers and contributors to build next-generation architecture that can support compatibility between an increasing array of microservices.”

The new foundation will focus on creating tools to help developers integrate next-generation technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Edge computing and reduce the time and learning curve for keeping up with continuing innovation. As Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin states, “Every tool brings learning costs and complexities that developers don’t have the time to navigate yet there’s the expectation that they keep up with accelerated development and innovation. NextArch Foundation will improve ease of use and reduce the cost for developers to drive the evolution of next-generation technology architectures.”

The NextArch Foundation will focus on integrated solutions “...for industries such as the Internet of Vehicles, gaming, healthcare, entertainment, retail, and communications.” For more information, see the press release from the Linux Foundation or visit the NextArch Foundation website.