HPC News

Future Autonomous Machines Could Think Like Honey Bees

17.07.2023 21:17

Recent research explores how bees make such accurate decisions with so few neurons.

US Department of Energy Offers Undergraduate Internships for Spring 2024

17.07.2023 20:53

Recipients will work directly with scientists and engineers in 17 participating DOE labs.

IonQ Unveils a Quantum Cognition Model

16.06.2023 18:29

New method suggests a way to model human decision making using quantum computers

Oak Ridge Study Explores the Effect of Turbulence on Ocean Heating

16.06.2023 17:56

Techniques could one day lead to better climate modeling

New Technique Leads to more Brainlike AI

15.05.2023 20:35

Increased efficiency could make it easier to integrate advanced neural networks into smartphones and other small devices.

AI Accurately Predicts Bird Migrations

15.05.2023 19:49

Scientists at Cornell and UMass Amherst team up to track feathered flights.

New Protocol Inverts the Evolution of a Qubit

14.04.2023 18:15

Technique could one day lead to more accurate quantum computers

DOE’s 2024 INCITE Program Is Accepting Proposals

14.04.2023 17:39

Qualifying projects will receive time on DOE’s powerful supercomputers at Argonne and Oak Ridge.

Can “Transparent” AI Eliminate Bias?

20.03.2023 15:42

Researchers believe Bayesian techniques could someday replace the dark mystery of deep learning.

New Technique Combines Resistive Memory with Graph Neural Networks

20.03.2023 13:30

Discovery could improve efficiency in neural networks by eliminating the von Neumann bottleneck.