IonQ Unveils a Quantum Cognition Model

New method suggests a way to model human decision making using quantum computers

IonQ, a quantum-focused company in College Park MD, has announced what they call “the world’s first publicly known method in which basic human cognition models have been run on quantum hardware, paving the way to the potential development of improved decision making models that imitate human thought.”

The technique, which is described in a recent article in the journal Entropy, describes how a quantum computer can model the ability of the human brain to draw inferences from related concepts to build a deeper understanding than when considering one concept in isolation. Possible uses from this technology include “...anticipating results of elections, unraveling unconscious biases, or producing increasingly tailored ads.

According to the press release at the IonQ website, this research could be “...a starting point for developing quantum circuits that implement mathematical models of cognition, encoding mental states in qubit registers and cognitive operations using different gates and measurements.”

See this blog post for additional details.