Quantinuum Sets a Record with 4096 Quantum Volume

Researchers focus on dialing up volume to enhance quantum computing capacity

The technology company Quantinuum has announced that their System Model H1-2 has become “the first commercial quantum computer to pass Quantum Volume 4096.” Quantinuum was formed in 2021 when Honeywell Quantum Solutions merged with Cambridge Quantum. The announcement keeps the company on track with a March 2020 Honeywell Quantum Solutions promise to “...increase the performance of its trapped ion technologies by an order of magnitude each year for the next five years.”

Quantinuum previously set a quantum volume record in December 2021 with a quantum volume of 2048. According to Quantinuum President and CEO Tony Uttley, “The System Model H1-2 used all 12 of its fully connected qubits to pass Quantum Volume 4096. We have reached the limit of what we can do with 12 qubits. To continue to improve performance, we need to add qubits. So keep watching what happens soon.”