HPC News

XTREME-D Unveils Prototype for New Cloud-Access Appliance

08.08.2018 21:24

Stargate set-top Linux box will improve management for clusters running in the company’s XTREME-DNA HPC cloud service.

NSF Awards $15 Million Grant to Make Quantum Computing “Practical”

08.08.2018 20:06

New STAQ project will address some fundamental problems that are holding back the development of real-world quantum computers.

Massive Simulation Reveals Drag on Bicycle Racers

11.07.2018 17:55

Dutch Supercomputer spills on where to ride

18-qubit Quantum Entanglement Experiment Sets a New Record

11.07.2018 17:21

Chinese scientists entangle three degrees of freedom for six photons

Intel Rolls Out Tiny “Spin Qubit” Chip

14.06.2018 12:52

Nano-scale design could herald an advance in quantum computing

ORNL Launches 200-Petaflop Supercomputer

14.06.2018 12:17

New Summit system will be eight times more powerful than DOE’s Titan system.

Open OnDemand 1.3 Released

17.05.2018 16:08

The Ohio Supercomputing Center unveils of new version of their open source HPC access portal software.

NSF Releases Statement on Artificial Intelligence

16.05.2018 21:43

Agency promises to work at the frontier of discovery

HPC Server Sales Set a Record in 2016

18.04.2018 20:47

The world spent $11.2 billion on high-performance systems.

US Department of Energy’s INCITE Seeks Proposals for 2019

18.04.2018 20:17

Winning projects will receive time on DOE supercomputers at Argonne National Lab and Oak Ridge.