XTREME-D Unveils Prototype for New Cloud-Access Appliance

Stargate set-top Linux box will improve management for clusters running in the company’s XTREME-DNA HPC cloud service.

XTREME-D recently unveiled a prototype for a new appliance for managing access to web-based HPC resources in the company’s XTREME-DNA service. XTREME-DNA is a cloud-based supercomputing-on-demand service that, according to the company, lets the user build and launch an HPC cluster in just 10 minutes.

According to XTREME-D, “Stargate is a small set-top Linux appliance that can easily connect to the HPC cloud with basic setup over a web portal using the XTREME-DNA interface. It functions as a ‘super head node’ for HPC cloud clusters, providing access to on-premise[s], private, and public cloud without integration headaches, and allowing connections to baremetal cloud (either shared or dedicated), in addition to the public cloud vendors such as Azure and AWS that have always been accessible via XTREME-DNA.”

Stargate provides a dashboard that supports easy management of cloud-based HPC resources and integration with local resources. According to the press release, XTREME Stargate also offers security benefits for managing cloud-based HPC workloads.