NSF Releases Statement on Artificial Intelligence

Agency promises to work at the frontier of discovery

AI experts from industry, government, and academia met on May 10, 2018, to discuss artificial intelligence and its role in the future of American industry. After the meeting, US National Science Foundation (NSF) Director France Cordova issued a statement that states, “NSF is proud to stand with the White House and the rest of the federal science and technology enterprise to ensure that our nation's values are reflected in the development of critical technologies such as AI.”

The statement is a call to action and an affirmation of the NSF’s commitment to future AI support. “In addition to funding researchers who are exploring the frontiers of AI, we are also making investments that will lead to a more data-capable, 21st-century workforce with the skills to harness all the potential benefits that AI can offer. As part of these investments, we are supporting approaches that will expand our understanding of continuing education and adult retraining to address how AI reshapes and provides new opportunities for American workers.”

No details are provided for how the NSF will “ensure that our nation’s values are reflected in the development of critical technologies ….”

Read the full statement at the NSF website.