Intel Announces Quantum Computing Advancement

Spin qubit technology could lead to bigger and more cost efficient quantum systems

At the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) conference in Austin, Texas, Intel announced a two-qubit, spin-based quantum computer that can be “programmed to perform two simple quantum algorithms.” According to Intel, this success will pave the way to larger spin-based quantum computers capable of more complex calculations.

Spin qubit technology is an effort to avoid the fragility and complications associated with superconducting qubit systems.  Silicon-based spin qubit chips leverage concepts of transistors and the semiconductor industry. The result is a more compact system that can operate at a higher temperature than a superconducting qubit system (if you want to call 1 degree Kelvin a higher temperature).

Intel says it has invented a spin qubit fabrication flow that could eventually lead to mass production of spin qubit chips. According to the company, “Within a couple months, Intel expects to be “producing many wafers per week, each with thousands of small qubit arrays.”