NVIDIA Will Train 100,000 Developers in Deep Learning Techniques

Massive scale-up will increase enrollment by a factor of 10.

NVIDIA has announced that this year it plans to train 100,000 developers in deep learning techniques through the company’s Deep Learning Institute. The figure represents a tenfold increase over the number of developers who received training in 2016.

The Deep Learning Institute is a collection of “hands-on labs taught by certified expert instructors from NVIDIA, partner companies, and universities. Each lab covers a fundamental tenet of deep learning, such as using AI for object detection or image classification; applying AI to determine the best approach to cancer treatment; or, in the most advanced courses, using technologies such as NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 and DriveWorks to develop autonomous vehicles.”

The curriculum will broaden this year to include subject areas such as healthcare, web services, robotics, video analytics, and financial services.

For more information on course offerings, email NVIDIA at NVDLI@nvidia.com.