HPC News

AMD Announces 2014 Roadmap

19.06.2013 16:33

Chip maker rolls out a new round of processor products – including an ARM-based CPU.

New TOP500 List Pushes the Limits

19.06.2013 16:29

Massive Chinese supercomputer sets the pace for further HPC development.

Monster Chinese HPC System Clocks 30+ PetaFLOPS

04.06.2013 01:03

Intel-based supercomputer is expected to lead the next TOP500 list.

D-Wave Opens US Office

07.05.2013 21:05

Legendary quantum computing company lands in Silicon Valley.

AMD Announces Custom Chip Operation

07.05.2013 20:51

The new business unit will address customers with high-volume, high-value applications.

Tokutek Open Sourcing Code for TokuDB v7

26.04.2013 15:27

Tokutek announces that the source code for TokuDB v7, the newest version of the company’s high-performance MySQL storage engine, is now freely available under the GPL License v2.

ISC’13 Keynotes Announced

19.04.2013 18:21

High-performance computing and data analytics will be among the topics presented by Bill Dally's keynote address.

HP Releases Moonshot Server

11.04.2013 19:36

HP Moonshot promises to use less energy, less space, and address current IT challenges.

IEEE Forms 802.3 400Gbps Ethernet Study Group

04.04.2013 16:55

A new IEEE Standards Association study group will explore the development of a 400Gbps Ethernet standard.

Supercomputing Revenue Up Nearly 30%

28.03.2013 19:49

Total revenue is more than half the technical server market.