HPC News

SC14 Calls for Workshop Proposals

15.01.2014 02:52

Entries should provide "interaction and in-depth discussions of stimulating topics of interest to the HPC community."

Blue Waters Open for Business

18.12.2013 17:22

NSF announces a call for worthy research projects to run on the petascale system.

XSEDE Releases Toolset

18.12.2013 16:56

The new tools will improve compatibility of local campus clusters with the XSEDE supercomputer network.

PRACE Announces Summer of HPC Winners

04.12.2013 13:15

Students recognized for visualization and raising awareness of HPC.

Toshiba Announces SSD Product

04.12.2013 13:07

The new 1.6TB drive is intended for read-intensive applications.

China Stays Atop the Latest Top500 List

20.11.2013 04:02

Swiss system clocks in at Number 6, and Titan holds on to the second spot.

US Government Gives AMD $3.1 Million Grant

20.11.2013 03:15

DesignForward project will focus on interconnect architectures and data transfer technologies.

AMD Will Webcast APU13 Keynotes

06.11.2013 15:15

Save the air fare and tune in to AMD’s developer event over the web.

Blue Waters and XSEDE Sign Collaboration Pact

06.11.2013 14:40

New agreement will make NCSA Blue Waters tools and resources more available to XSEDE projects.

D-Wave Inks Quantum Wafer Pact

23.10.2013 13:53

Partnership with Cypress prepares the quantum computer company for real-world production.