HPC News

Mellanox Announces Open Ethernet Initiative

13.03.2013 13:26

Open source software for Ethernet switches holds promise for the next generation of open data centers.

New Big Data Conference

26.02.2013 21:09

New conference in Heidelberg, Germany, puts the focus on Big Data in science and the enterprise.

Largest Known Prime Number Discovered

15.02.2013 16:05

The 48th known Mersenne prime destroys previous record of 12,978,189 digits.

ISC’13 Introduces New Industry Track

07.02.2013 17:29

Historic Leipzig, Germany, to host ISC'13 conference scheduled for June 16-20.

Vendor Team to Push SuperSQL

31.01.2013 15:20

SIOS Technology has teamed up with Supermicro and Fusion-io to launch a new high-performance SuperSQL Cluster Appliance.

Hortonworks Announces Sandbox Learning Environment

25.01.2013 16:41

Hortonworks announces Hortonworks Sandbox, a hands-on environment for learning, testing, and using Apache Hadoop in the enterprise.

NIAC to Tackle Big Data

17.01.2013 22:13

New lab will work on problems of cybersecurity and other computing issues, as well as addressing future challenges in the next generation of computers.

XPRESS Project Focuses on High-Performance OS

10.01.2013 17:42

Sandia's XPRESS project strives to create an operating system that will enable exascale computing by 2020.

New Contest Seeks Most Usable HPC App

02.01.2013 23:15

Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) announces second round of competition.

HPC Server Revenue at All-Time High

21.12.2012 20:39

IBM, HP, and Fujitsu rank 1, 2, and 3, respectively, as market leaders of worldwide revenue share.