New Big Data Conference

New conference in Heidelberg, Germany, puts the focus on Big Data in science and the enterprise.

This year, the ISC Big Data event will be held September 25 and 26 in Heidelberg, Germany. The motto of the new conference is “ISC Big Data – Where HPC and Enterprise Meet,” and it aims “to empower practitioners and vendors who want to learn more about this rapidly evolving set of technologies.”

The ISC Big Data Conference, which will be chaired by Sverre Jarp, the CTO of CERN openlab in Geneva, Switzerland, will present Big Data best practices and use cases and provide a forum to review and share the latest technology trends.

The arrival of a new Big Data conference organized by the creators of the popular International Supercomputing (ISC) event underscores the fact that Big Data is emerging as a theme that is separate from conventional supercomputing. The conference aims to cover topics such as: Big Data analytics in enterprises, science, and other domains; Big Data software stacks; Big Data transformations, structures, and overall organization; and Big Data infrastructure including storage hierarchies and interconnects. Technical experts and key IT decision makers in the Big Data domain are encouraged to attend.

The program for ISC Big Data’13 is currently being created. If you have questions regarding the program, you can contact the organizers at: