Vendor Team to Push SuperSQL

SIOS Technology has teamed up with Supermicro and Fusion-io to launch a new high-performance SuperSQL Cluster Appliance.

According to a recent press release, the new high performance, high availability server platform is fully integrated with SIOS’s DataKeeper Cluster Edition (DKCE) software and Fusion ioMemory products in a single chassis, dual-node Supermicro 2U Twin SuperServer.

The press release states that SIOS’s DKCE data replication software provides the SuperSQL Cluster Appliance with higher data availability and increased performance. Synchronous data replication, resulting in zero data loss, has less than 10 percent overhead. And, according to the announcement, DKCE’s high-speed, low-latency replication provides complete data protection while maintaining the performance gains of the Fusion-io and Supermicro technologies. Additionally, DKCE is fully integrated with Microsoft Cluster Services and Windows Server Failover Cluster.

The new SuperSQL Cluster Appliance supports any edition of Microsoft SQL Server. According to the company, high-density and low-power environments, such as data centers and web proxy and cache servers, will benefit from the SuperSQL Cluster appliance.