Supercomputing Revenue Up Nearly 30%

Total revenue is more than half the technical server market.

Revenue in the high-end supercomputers segment of HPC systems, which sell for US$ 500,000 and up, increased 29.3% to US$ 5.6 billion from 2011, according to IDC’s recent “Worldwide High-Performance Technical Server QView” report.

According to the report, supercomputers accounted for 50.9% of total technical server revenue for 2012. The report states that a major part of the growth came from just a few large systems sold by Fujitsu, IBM, HP, and Cray. For example, the Fujitsu “K” system installed at Japan’s RIKEN, accounted for more than US$ 500 million of the total.

Additionally, IBM led all vendors with a 32.0% share of overall factory revenue, followed by HP with 30.8%. Dell held third place, with 13.5% of worldwide technical server revenue, the announcement said.

“HPC technical servers, especially Supercomputers, have been closely linked not only to scientific advances but also to industrial innovation and economic competitiveness. For this reason, nations and regions across the world are increasing their investments in supercomputing even in today’s challenging economic conditions,” said Earl Joseph, Program Vice President for Technical Computing at IDC.

IDC forecasts that the HPC technical server market as a whole will reach revenues of more than US$ 14 billion by 2015. Visit to read the announcement.